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For The Preparation Of The Oceanic Era

The core objective of the New Hope Ocean Club is to develop young individuals, like college students, into responsible global citizens who are genuinely concerned about social issues. By focusing on addressing global hunger through ocean resources, the club aims to nurture future leaders who are committed to solving world problems and promoting peace. Through this mission, participants have the opportunity to grow and contribute to creating a better world.

The ocean’s resources have the potential to solve our global hunger crisis. They are a vast source of  diverse marine life that can provide sustainable food options for populations world-wide. Fish, seaweed and other marine organisms are rich in protein and other essential nutrients – making them valuable food sources. 

Efforts to sustainably manage and harvest these resources can help alleviate food insecurity and provide nutritious food for communities. Additionally, innovations in aquaculture and sustainable fishing practices can further enhance the availability of seafood as a food source.

It’s important to ensure that ocean resources are managed responsibly to prevent overexploitation and protect marine ecosystems for future generations.

Lake Mead Fishing

Training students at Lake Mead for fishing is a practical way to introduce them to sustainable fishing practices and the importance of utilizing water resources for addressing hunger. While Lake Mead is not an ocean, it can still provide valuable experiences for students to learn about fishing techniques, aquatic ecosystems, and the potential of inland bodies of water in contributing to food security.

Ocean Challenge

The Hawaii Ocean Challenge is an exciting and educational opportunity for students to engage in hands-on fishing experiences while also enjoying the breathtaking sights of Kona, Hawaii. The combination of fishing days, sightseeing activities, and reflection time allows for a well-rounded experience that blends adventure with introspection.

Similarly, the three-week program in Kodiak, Alaska, offers a unique opportunity for students to immerse themselves in a different environment and learn about fishing practices in a new setting. Alaska’s rich marine ecosystem and fishing industry provide a valuable learning experience for those interested in marine conservation and sustainable fishing practices.

Encouraging students to participate in these programs not only exposes them to diverse environments and cultures but also instills a love and appreciation for the oceans and marine life. Such experiences can spark a lifelong interest in marine conservation efforts and inspire students to become stewards of the environment.

Hawaii Ocean Challenge 2023

Community Service For The Homeless

New Hope Ocean Club is extending its efforts to address global hunger towards aiding the local homeless population in Las Vegas. By focusing on providing food and hygiene kits to homeless individuals, the club is not only addressing immediate needs but also showing compassion and support for those facing food insecurity and inadequate living conditions.

Engaging students in community service activities like feeding the homeless and providing hygiene kits can have a significant impact on both the recipients and the students themselves. These activities help raise awareness about the realities of hunger and homelessness, foster empathy and social responsibility, and create a sense of solidarity within the community.

Hygiene Kits Project

Looking For Volunteers!

We are looking for volunteers to help in the following areas! Please contact us if you want to learn more or get involved!

Research, Event Coordinators, Fundraising, Social Media

Shine City Project

New Hope Ocean Club occasionally joins Shine City Project, a volunteer group that dedicates its efforts to various community services in the Las Vegas area.

Meeting weekly on Saturday mornings, Shine City Project has contributed to the community by picking up trash at Springs Preserve, sorting hygiene products with Clean the World, helping with repairs at the historic Harrison House, planting trees with Green Our Planet, and more.

It challenges the Las Vegas culture of self-centeredness to become one of selflessness and aims to create a more loving and caring community, from Sin City to Shine City.

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