Fishing Program


Fishing program as an educational tool can effectively teach students to utilize water resources ocean ecosystems to address world hunger. 

Ocean Resources have the Potential to Alleviate Hunger

Ocean resources indeed have the potential to contribute to addressing global hunger.

The oceans are a vast source of diverse marine life and resources that can provide sustainable food options for populations around the world.

Fish, seaweed, and other marine organisms are rich in protein and essential nutrients, making them valuable food sources.

Efforts to sustainably manage and harvest these ocean resources can help alleviate food insecurity and provide nutritious food for communities.

Additionally, innovations in aquaculture and sustainable fishing practices can further enhance the availability of seafood as a food source.

It’s important to ensure that ocean resources are managed responsibly to prevent overexploitation and protect marine ecosystems for future generations.

What is New Hope Ocean Club?

The core objective of the New Hope Ocean Club – for the preparation of the oceanic era, is to develop young individuals, like college students, into responsible global citizens who are genuinely concerned about social issues.

By focusing on addressing global hunger through ocean resources, the club aims to nurture future leaders who are committed to solving world problems and promoting peace.

Through this mission, participants have the opportunity to grow personally and contribute positively to creating a better world.

Lake Fishing Program

Training students at Lake Mead, Lake Mohave, and Panguitch Lake for fishing is a practical way to introduce them to sustainable fishing practices and the importance of utilizing water resources for addressing hunger.

While Lake Mead is not an ocean, it can still provide valuable experiences for students to learn about fishing techniques, aquatic ecosystems, and the potential of inland bodies of water in contributing to food security.

For the preparation of the Oceanic Era

By educating students on responsible fishing practices and the importance of water resources, the New Hope Ocean Club can help prepare future generations to harness these resources effectively to address global hunger challenges.

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