Hygiene Kits Project


hygiene kits are essential for individuals experiencing homelessness as provide basic personal care that are crucial for maintaining health and well-being.

New Hope Ocean Club is extending its efforts to aid the local homeless population in Las Vegas. 

By focusing on providing hygiene kits to homeless individuals, the club is not only addressing immediate needs but also showing compassion and support for those facing inadequate living conditions.

Building Hygiene Kits for the Homeless Shelter

New Hope Ocean Club initiated a building hygiene kits project, where all the kits were donated to Catholic Charities, a local homeless shelter.

We asked each participant to bring 10 items from the following in travel size:  shampoo, toothbrush, tooth paste, body wash, and razor.

After gathering all the donations, we watched a news video about what had been done to the homeless situation in Las Vegas to raise awareness. Each participant shared about their experience and how they had helped them in the past.

Next, we all sat at the table and began packing the items in a zip lock bag to create individual kits.

Through this activity, personal connections were made among the participants, and exchanges of concern and care for the homeless became our motivation to give more.

Each kit, with a kind message, such as “Have a great day!”, “Wishing you well!”, or “You are loved!”, arrived in the hands of those in need, helped them maintain cleanliness and well-being despite their living situations.  

hygiene kits project

 Distributing Hygiene Kits to Homeless

New Hope Ocean Club received hygiene kits donation from Clean the World!

We invited students from University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) to pass these kits among the homeless population near the campus.

Before leaving for our destination, we read a few inspirational quotes, for example, “Always give without remembering and always receive without forgetting” from Brian Tracy.  

With a giving heart in mind, we stepped off the campus to locate the homeless people, whom the majority generally wouldn’t pay much attention to.

As we gave away the hygiene kits, we could witness the quality of life for the homeless were very poor. 

For some, it was their first time to have close encounters with the homeless and was an eye opening experience.

After this experience, we felt extremely grateful for what we already had and just continued to give with our utmost effort.

Anjelo’s Reflection After Hygiene Kits Distribution

Spread the love to Homeless through Hygiene Kits

Engaging students in community service activities like providing hygiene kits to the homeless can have a significant impact on both the recipients and the students themselves.

These activities help raise awareness about the realities of homelessness, foster empathy and social responsibility, and create a sense of solidarity within the community.