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New Hope Foundation International is dedicated to preventing human trafficking through comprehensive education and awareness programs while also conducting rescue operations to liberate victims. We strive to empower individuals through philosophical and religious teachings that promote compassion, empathy, and respect for human rights.

Through our multifaceted approach, we aim to create a world where all individuals and families are free from exploitation, injustice, and deprivation.

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24 Mar 2024
The Preparation Of The Oceanic Era

Developing young individuals, like college students, into responsible global citizens who are genuinely concerned about social issues. By focusing on addressing global hunger through ocean resources

24 Mar 2024
Human Trafficking Awareness

Human trafficking remains a pervasive issue that affects millions of people globally today. From forced labor to sexual exploitation, individuals are coerced and exploited in unimaginable ways.

24 Mar 2024
Human Trafficking Education
24 Mar 2024
Human Trafficking Rescue Operations
24 Mar 2024
Stand Against Human Trafficking
24 Mar 2024
Community Service For The Homeless

How To Escape An Unsafe Situation

Human Trafficking in Las Vegas

Human trafficking is a form of modern-day slavery that involves the recruitment, transportation, harboring, or exploitation of individuals for the purpose of forced labor or commercial sex.

Victims of human trafficking often endure physical and emotional abuse, coercion, and manipulation, leaving them in vulnerable and dire situations.

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