Ocean Challenge


Ocean Challenge is an ocean fishing program that cultivates a young adult’s character and love for nature through seamanship. The founder of the program, Sun Myung Moon, had spent 70% of his life in the ocean. He greatly appreciated the value of the sea and encouraged fishing as part of our lifestyle.

“The ocean has been such a wonderful teacher for me in my life that I created the Ocean Challenge program to give young people the leadership training the ocean provides.”

  • Sun Myung Moon

Kona Aloha Ocean Challenge

The Hawaii Ocean Challenge is an exciting and educational opportunity for students to engage in hands-on fishing experiences while also enjoying the breathtaking sights of Kona, Hawaii.

The combination of fishing days, sightseeing activities, and reflection time allows for a well-rounded experience that blends adventure with introspection.

Two students, Anjelo & Angel, from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) participated in the 2023 Kona Aloha Ocean Challenge.

Both of them had never held a fishing pole in their life, and yet they enjoyed the fishing experience and the visiting all the beautiful places in Hawaii.

Hawaii Ocean Challenge 2023

National Ocean Challenge Program

Similarly, the three-week program in Kodiak, Alaska, offers a unique opportunity for students to immerse themselves in a different environment and learn about fishing practices in a new setting.

Alaska’s rich marine ecosystem and fishing industry provide a valuable learning experience for those interested in marine conservation and sustainable fishing practices.


Love for the Ocean

Encouraging students to participate in these programs not only exposes them to diverse environments and cultures but also instills a love and appreciation for the oceans and marine life.

Such experiences can spark a lifelong interest in marine conservation efforts and inspire students to become stewards of the environment.

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