Volunteer with Shine City Project


New Hope Ocean Club often joins Shine City Project, a volunteer group that dedicates its efforts to various community services in the Las Vegas area.

Meeting weekly on Saturday mornings, Shine City Project has contributed to the community by picking up trash at Springs Preserve, sorting hygiene products with Clean the World, helping with repairs at the historic Harrison House, planting trees with Green Our Planet, and more.

It challenges the Las Vegas culture of self-centeredness to become one of selflessness and aims to create a more loving and caring community, from Sin City to Shine City.

Giving Away Pantry Food during the Holidays with Just One Project

Volunteers from New Hope Ocean Club participated in a pantry food giveaway during the Christmas season, to provide food for those in need.

In the parking lot of Von Tobel Middle School, volunteers organized and separated the pantry food into small portions for each family.

People from the community formed two lines on both sides with the donation of food at the center.

As people passed by, volunteers placed various food items, such as meat, canned foods, cooking oil, fruits, etc., into their carts or cars.

People who received donated food were happy with smiles on their faces and saying words of gratitude. Greetings for the holidays were exchanged everywhere and warmed the cold winter atmosphere.

Shine City Project

Cleaning Children’s Books with Spread the Word Nevada

New Hope Ocean Club volunteers joined a children’s book cleaning service project at Spread the Word Nevada.

Participants gathered around a large table, with various children’s books piled inside plastic bins on their sides, and started the cleaning process.

The process involved wiping the book covers with a wet cloth, removing library bar codes, removing bookstore price tags, repairing damaged pages, trimming scribbled portions, and erasing/covering sensitive information.

Books on politics, religions, or with inappropriate contents not fit for children, were discarded.

All the processed books were placed into cardboard boxes to prepare for shipping to other parts of the country, where children lack educational resources.

During the book-cleaning activity, participants shared highlights of their past week, learned about each other’s unique cultural backgrounds, and laughed together when specific books recalled their childhood memories.

Creating a More Loving and Peaceful World with Shine City Project

By joining the Shine City Project, students from the New Hope Ocean Club can create a positive impact on the local community that aims to improve the quality of life for the residents.  

It offers opportunities that allow young adults to give back to the community, develop new skills, and meet like-minded individuals who are passionate about making a difference.  

The program addresses community needs and fosters a sense of unity.

If a change can happen in Las Vegas, a change can happen everywhere.