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pig butchering human trafficking
April 10, 2024

“Pig Butchering” Crypto Scam and Human Trafficking – A Brief Overview

How many times have you received a weird text from an unknown number or a random person claiming, “Sorry wrong number, I thought this was so and so” on
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April 9, 2024

Instead of Shock & Awe, Let’s Reframe Human Trafficking Imagery

Have you ever searched “human trafficking” online and seen those images pop up? You know the ones…the frightened girl with duct tape over her mouth, the forlorn figure in
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human trafficking prevention
April 8, 2024

Human Trafficking Prevention: It’s Not Enough to Just Know

When you KNOW better, you DO better. – Maya Angelou Why is Human Trafficking Prevention so Difficult? The very nature of human trafficking is complex, universal and daunting, at
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fight human trafficking
April 7, 2024

5 Immediate Ways You can Fight Human Trafficking & Have a Big Impact

1: DRINK, EAT, OR WEAR FAIR TRADE We can vote for a better world through the products we buy. What do I mean by “fair trade?” There are three
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child sex trafficking
April 6, 2024

Victims of Child Sex Trafficking: Whose Child is this?

Of the 23,500 kids who ran away in 2019, ONE IN SIX were likely victims of child sex trafficking. (src: Whose child is this? She is your daughter,
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April 5, 2024

Join Us in the Fight Against Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is a global crisis that affects millions of people each year, trapping individuals in situations of exploitation and abuse. At New Hope Foundation International, we are dedicated
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April 3, 2024

Why Sex Convos With Your Teen Or Tween Is Essential To Their Development

Kids may or may not be having sex. But regardless of whether they are or not, parents should be having conversations about sex with their children not just once,
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human trafficking
April 2, 2024

Human Trafficking: A Crime Hidden in Plain Sight

Human trafficking is a term that is gaining more exposure in mainstream media, but many people are still unaware of how it continues to thrive in the shadows of
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April 2, 2024

The Mask Boys Live In: Masculinity in America

Wounding Boys become Wounding Men. Root Cause It all starts in the home. Everything a child is taught, what they observe and absorb from their surroundings, their relationships with parents,
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human trafficking
April 1, 2024

Human Trafficking Awareness: A Bracelet Can Protect Lives

Human trafficking remains a pervasive issue that affects millions of people globally today. From forced labor to sexual exploitation, individuals are coerced and exploited in unimaginable ways. In this
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