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Oct 2017

WALK “FOR THE SAKE OF OUR CITY” 8:30 AM – 12:30 PM This is your opportunity as families, as men, as women and youth to come together and take a stand “For the Sake of Our City” in solidarity for the well-being of our families, the preciousness of our youth, the strength of our women, and the miracle that men are called to be. This event is for everyone!  The event takes place in 3 parts: the walk for MEN only, the family empowerment session during the Men’s walk, concluding with the rally uniting everyone......

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February Five
March 01, 2016

February Five

As widespread and complex as human trafficking is, there is hope that it will one day cease to exist. Quite possibly not in our lifetimes! But that shouldn’t deter us from carving out a path...

June 25, 2015

Intern Project: Video Blog!

Here’s to another week of learning and taking action at Congo Justice LV! Recently the interns have been thinking about ways we can personally help out, and I have decided to focus on raising awareness...

June 15, 2015

Getting Out

Unfortunately it doesn’t seem very difficult to fall victim to human trafficking, but how on earth does someone get out of it? At first I thought a person could simply walk away. There is no...

June 03, 2015

Hi there!

Before coming to Congo Justice, I knew very little about the complexity of the issues that went into the sex trafficking industry. Within the last couple days, I have learned the importance of spreading awareness...