The Problem

Las Vegas is a hub for human trafficking, yet it is not mandated to post the National Human Trafficking Hotline or resources in places of business where victims may frequent.

The Solution

Be part of a grassroots movement that will create, develop, and allocate a human trafficking public awareness campaign throughout the Las Vegas valley to post resources and the National Human Trafficking Hotline in places of businesses victims are most likely to frequent.

Launching January 2017

What You Will Get

You get to meet, connect, and engage with like-minded community members/activists who are itching to make a difference in exposing the truth about human trafficking, preventing the atrocity from happening, and most importantly, protecting those who may be at-risk or are already enslaved.

This is a chance to move past talking-the-talk and talking-the-walk, to actually walking-the-walk!

What are you waiting for?!  Sign-up today!

Help protect and save victims.