Our aim is to provide humanitarian assistance and youth education.

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New Hope Foundation International is an educational and advocacy based outreach organization that utilizes the powerful tool of media to engage the critical issues of the world. As technology advances and spreads throughout the world it is increasingly important that media be used in a manner that brings us closer together in the “Global Village”. New Hope Foundation International is committed to organizing dynamic events and educational activities that are driven by a creative use of conscientious media.

Backpacks to CongoFeatured Project

We are happy to support Nyantende Foundation, a Toronto-based non-profit organization, to supply 250 students with backpacks for their current school year and beyond in the small eastern city of Nyantende in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Although the backpacks were sent out in the fall of last year, we are pleased to announce that they have finally reached their destination - into the arms of 250 happy children. We would like to thank all of those that supported us on this project and look forward to engaging in similar projects in the near future.

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A new program has been initiated for individuals who are interested in the projects of NHFI. Interns will get the opportunity to learn from experts in different fields and work alongside those with the same vision to make the world a better place. For further information, please see the Internship page.

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