Our aim is to provide humanitarian assistance and youth education.

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New Hope Foundation International is a non-profit organization that addresses social and humanitarian related issues through the creative use of media, educational programs and service work. To accomplish this, New Hope Foundation International organizes public gatherings and events that promote unity and cooperation while shedding light on critical contemporary issues. Service programs and outreach activities are in turn coordinated to advance the various needs of communities locally and internationally.

Southern Nevada Human Trafficking Task Force (SNHTTF) Annual Conference

On September 11th, the SNHTTF held their 2nd annual conference, Partnership in Action: Building Competency to Fight Human Trafficking and launched an anti-human trafficking PSA campaign to further spread awareness and attention on this iniquitous issue. During her keynote address, Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto unveiled the new PSA's which will be aired on Cox Networks and shown in Clark County School District 8th grade Health classes. Also, Congo Justice Las Vegas was given the Distinguished Advocacy Award for their contribution to the PSA campaign and their continuous efforts to raise awareness in the community.

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Breaking the Silence Tour 2014

In May, Congo Justice partnered with Native Roots UCLA to host two major Congo awareness events. The first event was a panel discussing the topic of sexual violence in various communities and highlighting the dire situation in the Congo. The second night was a film screening of Crisis in the Congo and a Q&A session with our honorary guest speaker Maurice Carney, Executive Director of Friends of the Congo.

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Backpacks to CongoFeatured Project

We are happy to support Nyantende Foundation, a Toronto-based non-profit organization, to supply 250 students with backpacks for their current school year and beyond in the small eastern city of Nyantende in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Although the backpacks were sent out in the fall of last year, we are pleased to announce that they have finally reached their destination - into the arms of 250 happy children. We would like to thank all of those that supported us on this project and look forward to engaging in similar projects in the near future.

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VolunteersJoin the Team


A new program has been initiated for individuals who are interested in the projects of NHFI. Interns will get the opportunity to learn from experts in different fields and work alongside those with the same vision to make the world a better place. For further information, please see the Internship page.

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